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    The Powerful New Insecticide
    Less Odour
    Better Crop Safety
    Less Handling
    AlphaForte is 2.5 times stronger than alpha-cypermethrin 100 EC.
    Extra strength means lower use rates and less drums in store and on farm.
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    Large range of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, adjuvants to suit just about any
    part of your agricultural chemical needs.
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    Our Answer To Your Wild Radish Woes
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    Why Consider Using Sulfotron?
    Sulfotron 750 WG can be used as a Pre-EM or Post-EM herbicide in wheat and triticale to control of a wide range of weeds,
    Conquest has spent years developing and field testing Sulfotron.

Our Services

What we can offer your business

Our Quality Guarantee

Conquest is extremely proud of the consistent quality of its broad product range offered to Australian farmers with technical expertise and support.

Services We Can Provide

Conquest offers a range of services in order to help you sell our products - from our in house expertise, through to our consulting partners who help diagnose issues you may encounter

Why Choose Conquest

At Conquest we pride ourselves on providing the very best customer services and technical support to all our rural merchandise clients. Success isn't just measured by bottom line figures

Regular Updates & Industry Support


New spray drift instructions for Conquest products containing 2,4-D.

  • Amine 300 Permit -
  • Amine 450 Permit -
  • Amine Plus 475 Permit -
  • Amine 625 Permit -
  • Amine 700 Permit -
  • Depic 75-D Permit -
  • LV Ester 680 Permit-

Conquest has been working diligently over the last few years to release excellent products that will help differentiate from the competition - Howitzer is one of these..

  • Covers all F & I & C modes of action.
  • Featuring 25g/L of Diflufenican
  • 250g/L of MCPA
  • and a huge 250g/L of Bromoxynil
  • Excellent efficacy on those hard to kill wild radish
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